AR Beauty Tech: Why your brand needs it and how to get started today



Still not using AR beauty tech in 2022? Here are 3 main things you’re missing out on:

   ➜ A better, more personalized way of marketing and selling your products on all channels.

   ➜ An opportunity to win over new generations of online shoppers.

   ➜ Advanced audience analytics and actionable business insights on current trends, customer preferences, and more.

Join this webinar to find out what beauty AR can do for your brand, how to digitize your products, and how to successfuly launch your virtual makeup try-on.




Tom van Gemeren

VP of Business, Visage Technologies

Tom has helped hundreds of clients across industries implement cutting-edge AI technologies. He manages strategic partnerships, performance optimization, and business development at Visage Technologies – the leading provider of face tracking, analysis, and recognition technology. Tom is passionate about helping beauty brands enter the digital era and seize new opportunities with AR.

Leanne Luong

Director of Licensing, SHE Media

Leanne has over 10 years of experience in managing beauty brands and the global rollout of virtual try-on technology. She is leading the Makeover Solutions business at She Media, and helping foster and grow client relationships by providing strategic business planning services, and account and project management.

Ryan Nathanson

Chief Operating Officer, SHE Media

Ryan is a published digital media evangelist with extensive experience in a variety of strategy, executional and editorial roles. At SHE Media - a digital media company with a monthly reach of more than 88 million people - Ryan has contributed to doubling its profits in the last two years, as well as increasing the profits of the SHE Media Partner businesses.